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The Alaska Winter website is sponsored by Alaska Vacation Store. We are a tour and vacation package company based in Anchorage,  Alaska. We specialize in custom vacation packages, self-guided, self-drive tours, custom honeymoon packages, and destination wedding packages.

Our core philosophy is that we believe that most people that want to visit Alaska are interested in the same kinds of things that the people that live here are interested in - the spectacular beauty and adventure of the land, the fantastic people, and to experience the raw power of nature. For most of us, that means the amazing wildlife, the spectacular heights of our mountains, the majesty of our mighty glaciers and rivers, the abundance of nature's bounty when it comes to our wild fisheries, or the extremes of the arctic - long days in the summer and long nights in the winter, the cold, the northern lights, and the incredible spirit of the people that live here all year long.

When we started Alaska Vacation Store in 2003, one of the things we most wanted to accomplish was to find a way to share the our Alaskan winter with the people that are interested in coming to Alaska in the first place. Many of our summer clients ask about winter activities, such as skiing, dogsledding and northern lights viewing. While some of those activities are available in the summer, they are available as a compromise: dogsled adventures in the summer require considerable cost  and a helicopter ride to a mountain glacier, and northern lights are only visible for the last week or two of the summer.

We believe that the best ways to do these things are to come when they are at their peak - in the winter. Our first winter packages were for visitors that wanted to experience the Iditarod... but our winter packages are not limited to just the Iditarod.

There are a lot of people that long for an Alaskan winter adventure, but for whatever reason they believe that they're not up to the challenge. To you, we say, don't sell yourself short! Alaskans are amazing, special and tough people, that's for sure. But I bet you're tougher and more amazing than you think you are... and that is the main reason to contact us about an Alaska winter adventure - we're experts at pairing our guests with the right adventure.

If Alaska is your dream, don't you owe it to yourself to let us create your Alaskan winter adventure for you? Give us a call at 877-692-5275.




About Alaska,
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Alaska is full of great people and great companies. Alaska Vacation Store creates fantastic custom Alaska vacation packages. If you're interested in a honeymoon in Alaska, or even a spectacular destination wedding, you can visit www.alaska-honeymoon.com to get more information. One of our friends keeps bees and sells her raw, natural, Alaska fireweed honey. Her website is www.alaskahoney.com. If you're looking for an Alaskan dogsledding adventure, we partner with Paws for Adventure... and if you're interested in flightseeing Mt. McKinley or heading out to a checkpoint on the Iditarod, we partner with Talkeetna Air Taxi.