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Top Six ways to contact us about your Alaska Winter vacation package:

1. Call us! Our toll-free number is 877 692 5275. That number is toll-free anywhere in the United States or Canada. If you're calling from outside of the US or Canada, the number is 1 907 334 2888. This is by far the best way, because you get to talk to a real, live person who is an expert about Alaska and Alaska Winter Vacation packages

2. Skype or Yahoo Instant Messenger. Both platforms support Voice Over IP (VOIP) and are free anywhere in the world. They also support text chat, which is very helpful when we talk about different destinations - we can send you URLs and links to other online information. Our Skype ID is wigiavs, and our Yahoo! ID is alaskavacationstore - click on the underlined links to speak with us!

3. Complete our online information form. This is a great way to reach us after hours. We will contact you when we get back into the office. Please be sure to let us know the best time to reach you.

4.Send us an email! Our email address is info (at) alaska-winter (dot) com.

5. Read our Alaska Vacation Blog

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About Alaska,
and about our friends

Alaska is full of great people and great companies. Alaska Vacation Store creates fantastic custom Alaska vacation packages. If you're interested in a honeymoon in Alaska, or even a spectacular destination wedding, you can visit www.alaska-honeymoon.com to get more information. One of our friends keeps bees and sells her raw, natural, Alaska fireweed honey. Her website is www.alaskahoney.com. If you're looking for an Alaskan dogsledding adventure, we partner with Paws for Adventure... and if you're interested in flightseeing Mt. McKinley or heading out to a checkpoint on the Iditarod, we partner with Talkeetna Air Taxi.